LG Video Shows Potential Applications For Its LED Film On Glass

January 27, 2021 by Dave Haynes

This (at end of post) is a very good conceptual video from LG that shows how its transparent LED film could be used in large private and public spaces like shopping malls and airports.

There are, unfortunately, more conceptual visuals out there from LG than actual installs, it seems, but they do exist – like this one in Singapore and this one in Sweden.

It’s new and very different, so I think to some degree the adoption rate owes to industry and end-user unfamiliarity, as well as to the pixel pitch. At 24mm, it is a coarser pitch than digital billboards on highways, which are best seen from 100-200 feet distance.

But applied properly as somewhat ambient visuals that can also support very basic messaging, like ON SALE NOW! or WELCOME! that kind of pitch is workable. It’s not an alternative to LCDs or more conventional LED video walls. It’s a category of its own, with distinct use cases involving most architectural glass.

There is a handful of other companies selling LED displays on film, all much smaller than LG. They have, in some cases, much tighter pitches, but the trade-off is less transparency and, in some cases, a display that looks good from the front but like a window filled with old-school printer ribbon cable from the rear.

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