Nordic Retailer Makes LG’s Transparent LED Film Part Of Flagship Store’s Design

March 4, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Many people, myself included, have expressed a lot of interest and enthusiasm for LG’s transparent LED film, which has been shown at numerous trade shows but has not really shown up away from exhibit halls.

But here’s a real world application of the film, on the mall-facing windows of a large Swedish apparel retailer’s flagship store (possibly/probably in Stockholm, but maybe Oslo).

KappAhl has some 370 stores in the Nordic countries, as well as Poland. This one uses LG’s low-rez LED film on the store windows for basic messaging that just kinda pops up and disappears, which is a big value of transparency.

There are other transparent display products out there, but they aren’t all that transparent when viewed from the side that is not illuminated. US-based Impactrum and Korea’s Inotouch also have product that is film-based and truly or mostly see-through.

The store also, nicely, uses LG’s stretch LCDs, and integrates queue management into a big video wall at the payments area.

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