New Vegas NFL Stadium Lights Up, Tests, Its Giant LED Mesh Facade

September 16, 2020 by Dave Haynes

This is a smartphone cam shot of the media mesh LED wall turned on and being tweaked at the new Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, home of the relocated Raiders NFL team.

The shot is from a Vegas sportswriter.

It looks terrible, but that tends to be how these things work when first installed. You light it up, sort out what needs calibration and physical adjustment, and make it better.

The original story I had up about the display suggested it was 345 feet wide. But more recent reports are saying it is 275 feet. The display, unlike most giant LED displays at sports venues, is outside the building (let’s assume there is big LED inside, as well).

The Raiders play their first Las Vegas game on Monday night, so the techs have a few days and evenings to make it pretty. Because of COVID, the seating bowl in the stadium will be empty.

Anybody know the manufacturer here. I know the LCDs in the stadium are Samsung, but that company does not – at least I don’t think – do mesh LED.

  1. Ibew sparky 357 says:

    Definitely not Samsung , I worked on it for about a month … all I know for sure is that the company that makes them did not design them for the set up they’re being used for. It was a nightmare outing it together, because it’s designed to be flat not on a curve like it is.

  2. Ibew sparky 357 says:

    Nightmare “putting “ it together ( have pics too

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