Screenfeed Debuts Free, Rolling HTML5-based Pandemic News Feed For Screen Networks

April 7, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Longtime, big time 16:9 supporter/sponsor Screenfeed has developed a free content feed for screen networks that is focused on US and global news and information surrounding this catastrophic pandemic.
The Minneapolis content company noted that dozens of companies have produced great still images and slides, and videos, that educate people about important matters like proper handwashing.
However, the company’s content team saw a void for a free, dynamic, animated HTML news feed built around the pandemic.
Screenfeed’s Steve Glancey says the team didn’t think it would be right to make a buck off this, and is offering it free. That’s the case even though it is commercially licensed material from the global news service Reuters.
The feeds are steadily updated, with a high rez image and a short text summary per element. It uses all of Screenfeed’s News Graphics features, such as animation, hide/reveal elements, color customizations, and responsive layouts.
It even has keyword filters, so users can do things like filter out subjects.
“The Digital Signage industry has done a wonderful job creating many free tips regarding how to stay safe right now,” says Glancey, VP of Business Development. “However, many of our customers and partners have been asking for a news source providing fresh content of the daily advancements to the epidemic and its impact on all of our lives.”

“I would encourage anyone thinking about using this feed to use their own strategic content filter as to whether or not this news will be helpful or harmful for their audience and business right now. In some digital signage contexts, this makes a lot of sense – it’s extremely important and relevant. In other contexts, reminding people of something that is already a difficult topic, isn’t the right thing to do,” adds Glancey. 

Screenfeed does consistently nice work, and this is more of the same. Well done!

Friendly rival Seenspire, from Belgium, has a free HTML5 feed, as well, but is using material from health authorities like the CDC and WHO.

Here’s a post rounding up ALL of the many resources for free media material intended to help fight this damned virus and thank the frontline workers.

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