Clever DOOH Campaign Syncs Creative Across Chicago Loop Bus Shelter’s Displays

November 8, 2019 by Dave Haynes

This is a clever use of creative that plays with the physical set-up of a transit shelter that has several equally spaced and aligned digital OOH screens.

A campaign executed by JCDecaux for the DePaul University basketball program, running on what the media company its Loop Immersion Zone (LIZ) in downtown Chicago, sees a basketball flying through several screens in a synchronized video sequence.

Says Decaux: On the LIZ, a basketball flies from one screen to another, appearing to ‘crack’ every single panel on its journey into a player’s hand at the opposite end of the unit. The Loop Immersion Zone platform is optimal for dynamic story-telling, as demonstrated by the Demons’ use of the elongated space. This ad successfully captivates passerbys by demonstrating digital’s creative capabilities.

DePaul is a Chicago-area university with a storied basketball program, and this campaign features both the men’s and women’s teams.

Great to see creatives looking at the way these screens set up, and working with that to create something fun. Compare this to a recent campaign in NYC, which works OK in some cases, but tries a little too hard to link screens that are just too far apart.

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