Korean Tire-maker Adds Mind-Blowing LED Video Wall In HQ Lobby

October 1, 2019 by Dave Haynes

The content for the video wall in the Seoul R&D offices of Nexen, a Korean tire company, is freaking amazing.

The lobby of the building has a 30 meter (98.5 feet) wide by 7 meter (23 feet) tall fine pitch LED media wall running a diverse range of custom creative developed by the agency d’strict.

The virtual waterfall thing has been done, but d’strict also developed an incredible mix of three-dimensional full motion videos that make the space around and behind the lobby wall and elevator banks seem filled with all kinds of crazy imagery.

The developers also put together data-driven weather visuals, with the graphical look and motion directly informed by real-time weather and wind information.

On a more practical level, someone in the building with the right permissions can log in and add things like welcome messages to important visitors, like automakers.

d’strict also did an incredible suspended ceiling at a Seoul duty-free …

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