Another Hung Timmie’s Screen – At Old Main Office

August 6, 2019 by Dave Haynes

A reader sent along a couple of photos from a digital menuboard set-up at Tim Hortons. Stuff happens, things hang, but it happens a LOT lately at the Canadian coffee chain, which would have something like 20,000-plus screens in stores across the country.

This one is interesting because it is at the site of the old Timmies’ head office, at Dorval and Wyecroft in Oakville (Toronto suburb) – in a store that was and maybe still is used for training and test-marketing. Head office is now in downtown Toronto – which probably made execs happy but put about 400 people into a nightmare drive or crammed commuter train ride into the big city.

I’m sure other QSR chains have dead screens here and there, but I can’t be hearing about Tims more than any other just because I am also in Canada. Hard to order what you can’t really see, even if many customers have their coffee order ritualized.

  1. Ken Goldberg says:

    Nice feature for the screen to identify the technology provider.

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