Glasses-Free 3D Displays: The Zombie Technology That Refuses To Die

March 12, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Glasses-free 3D digital signage has a zombie quality about it – as in dead, but refusing to stay dead.

I give you the breathless PR that just popped in my inbox, which had the unintentionally funny email header: DSE Press Release IQH3D Glasses-Free Digital Displays Laughed at Digital Signage Expo

They meant Launched, not Laughed, I assume. World-class Freudian Slip.

IQH3D Launches Their Revolutionary Glasses-Free 3D 4K, 65” Digital Display at the Digital Signage Expo In Las Vegas March 26 – 29th

Miami, FL, March 12, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – IQH3D, formerly IQ Haylett, will officially launch their revolutionary glasses-free 3D, 4K digital displays March 27th – 29th, 2019, at the Digital Signage Expo “DSE” in Las Vegas. Their innovative game changing technology will be on display at the Las Vegas Convention Center at Booth #1146.

“Believing is Seeing!” Come see for yourselves if you are involved in digital signage, marketing or advertising. Your 3D ad popping out of the screen will grab your target audience’s attention. Visit us at DSE Booth #1146 for a chance to experience our incredible new products which will “WOW” you! Our amazing 3D displays can automatically convert 2d to 3D to stream real-time in 3D or play 3D content without glasses or VR goggles! IQH3D offers a management system for remote content management, maintenance and we also offer content customization.

“This screen is going to change the business of digital signage, marketing and advertising globally” says Loyal Haylett, Chairman and Founder of IQH3D. Studies have shown that our game changing digital displays are 92% better for brand recognition and presentation and can increase revenue by 35%. This is achieved by grabbing and holding customers attention 71% more than regular 2D displays. Our products are great for placement in malls, cruise ships, resorts, sports bars, ball parks, car dealerships, phone companies, retail shops and multiple other venues.

IQH3D is a technology company, with their main office located in Miami, Florida. Their mission is to consistently deliver high quality, stylish and futuristic 3D technology with exceptional customer support to businesses and consumers across the globe. We are passionate about providing a spectacular 3D experience without glasses or VR goggles through our products. We also have 3D smartphone screen protectors & cases scheduled to be released in second quarter of 2019, 3D tablets and 3D tile walls for live audiences that are in development. Our 3D devices support 3D digital advertising and marketing, 3D movies, videos, gaming, eSports, and live events. According to David Ross, COO, “In a crowded world of marketing and advertising this screen will make your product standout!”

“We are very excited about the launch of our 65-inch 3D high quality digital displays that we believe will be a welcomed technology advancement in digital signage. Our 3D technology will change the advertising experience and engage your target customers which should result in increased brand recognition and revenues for your company” Glenn Bierman, CEO of IQH3D.

The biggest barrier to 3D to date has been the need for glasses which has inhibited the growth of 3D until now. So, come see us at the DSE Booth #1146 because “Believing is Seeing!”

Lord. Where to start …

So glasses-free 3D displays – more technically known as auto-stereoscopic displays – have been around for at least a decade. There are, indeed, still companies peddling display solutions that require glasses, but they use LED and look wondrously terrible. I saw an example as recently as last month at ISE.

Many, many companies – including relatively big display brands like Philips – have turned up at trade shows through the years trying to generate interest and sales in glasses-free 3D LCD displays and they’ve all came and went. About seven years ago, there was some discussion that it was getting pretty good.

It has probably been five years since I have seen PR with this level of hype, however, and I can’t recall when I last saw glasses-free 3D at DSE.

Admittedly, the LCD versions have grown better with time (as happens with almost all tech), but the adoption rate has been minimal within the signage industry and end-users. Once in a while I get PR sent to me about things like glasses-free 3D screens in places like travel plazas.

Wow Factor tends to be a very fleeting thing. First time you see it, Wow (maybe). Second time, not so much. The company references some eye-popping stats about brand recognition and boosted sales, but doesn’t provide sources. All I can say there is that if these things really did boost sales by 35%, consistently and across multiple campaigns and scenarios, industry adoption rates would be way, way, way higher.

This company’s website is a light in detail as to what’s going on, but it appears to be a lens that goes atop a conventional display panel. The first clue on that is how the Miami firm also markets a 3D-enabling plastic cover that goes on top of a smartphone.

Here are the limited specs if you are, for some reason, intrigued …

Content is a very fickle, mysterious thing. We all scroll through TV channel guides on screens and wonder Who On Earth? would watch shows, notably many reality shows. But millions do.

Maybe these guys have the formula that makes glasses-free 3D a big thing. But it was a Next Big Thing a decade ago, and so far it hasn’t come within 10,000 miles of Big.

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