16:9 DSE Mixer Sponsor Profile: Sharp Showcasing 4K Present And 8K Future

March 1, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Sharp is back again as a loyal sponsor of the annual 16:9 DSE Mixer.

At DSE 2019, Sharp’s big highlight will be how its displays are settling in nicely with 4K resolution, but already looking forward to eye-popping 8K.

Sharp will showcase its award-winning 70″ class and its upcoming 80″ class (79.5″ diagonal) 8K models. The 80-incher will do 4,000 nits at peak brightness, which means once installed your media room can double as a tanning booth or rotisserie chicken stand.

4,000 nits is the sort of brightness used for outdoor displays.

Also in the Sharp stand at DSE 2019 …

A newly expanded, six-model PN-UH Series 4K UHD commercial LCD displays. Also, Sharp Smart Signage displays with integrated SoC controller that do Full HD or 4K.

Sharp is also previewing a new Windows collaboration display from Sharp – a 4K interactive display that uses AI and works with “familiar Microsoft Office 365 apps to simplify meetings, effortlessly extend the desktop to room scale and communicate with teams in-person and remotely.”

Pro AV dealers, integrators, contractors and consultants are invited to register for Sharp’s Pro AV Certified Reseller Program at Sharp’s DSE booth. Program benefits, Sharp says, include the freedom to purchase from any authorized Sharp Pro AV distributor, consolidated purchase recognition, deal registration program, Ultimate Rewards sales rep SPIFFs and much more.

Thanks, as ever, to Mike Murphy of the Canadian office for arranging the sponsorship, and to Sharp in general for helping bring off this sold-out event once again.

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