How Not To Use A 3 By 3 Video Wall

April 2, 2017 by Dave Haynes

While still in Las Vegas last week, I had a morning meeting over in the deranged labyrinth also known as Caesar’s Palace, and found myself sitting in the central food court, looking at the video wall.

It’s a little older, and could be very functional if the content respected and used the limitations of nice screens separated by inches of air space from each other. You could do this:

Or you could do this (below), which is nuts and looks awful. I expect this, kinda sorta, from a casino in central Minnesota. Not in Caesar’s Palace. Do the content people even look at stuff after they push it out?

This wasn’t an aberration. There was a loop of rotating spots, and they all blowed up the spot real good across the nine screens.


This will amuse the hell out of Randy Dearborn, who runs the digital at all the rival MGM Resorts properties.

  1. Dan Moalli says:

    LMFAO at the SCTV Farm Film Report reference!

    (Showing our age!)

  2. Dan Adam says:

    Randy will have a blast…You are right Dave.
    Seriously, though, in my 15+ years of experience in Digital Signage, this is the norm…
    Really good concepts are quite rare, and even more so good execution.
    It looks to me that IT took over the project from Marketing, and this is the result…

  3. Amjad Hashmi says:

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