Sixteen:Nine Podcasts: Randy Dearborn, MGM Resorts

June 15, 2016 by Dave Haynes


Randy Dearborn has been running digital signage networks since 1993, starting with a skunkworks set-up at Treasure Island in Las Vegas and building that up to a network that covers 1,000s of screens across the MGM Resorts International portfolio.

Now he’s Vice President, Multimedia & Guest Technology, and oversees both the low-rise and high-rise screens in all the properties – from displays on the casino floors and on the Las Vegas strip to the IP-connected TVs in rooms.

We spoke last week in MGM’s executive offices at the City Center complex. In this episode, Randy talks about how he applies technology, and how everything he and his team do is based on data and measurement.

Randy is also the current chairman of the Digital Signage Federation, and we talked about where the DSF is at, and where the industry is going.

Known for his candor and sense of humor, this session with Randy is well worth a listen.

  1. Dave, this was a FANTASTIC interview! You do a great job with your guests and Randy is a person I could listen to time after time. Soooooooo many take-aways in every podcast! Thanks!

  2. Dave Haynes says:

    Thanks Spence. Another good one coming this week with Jeremy Gavin of Screenfeed. He’s a little more reserved than Randy, but some really good knowledge passed along.

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