16:9 Projects Podcast: Alex Simionescu Of Float4 On The Amazing Dubai City Walk

February 24, 2017 by Dave Haynes

For this episode,  Projects is looking at Dubai’s City Walk, a new outdoor retail shopping concept that FLOAT4, based in Montreal and New York, has brought to life.

City Walk incorporates over 100 million pixels of digital content spread across 30 areas, making it one of the largest retail digital deployments in the world. This is architecture, technology and content design on a massive scale.

The final product is a multimedia show that merges sound, a digital canopy, LED, video mapping and water-screen projection into one experience. City Walk is made up of three main interconnected zones, each one a major project on its own:

  • The Gateway, which is City Walk’s main entrance, has two 85 metre LED screens and a digital canopy covering the space in cool content;
  • The Showstreet is almost 100 metres long and connects the Gateway to the Place des Lumières. It includes ground projection that allows for an interactive experience, making it one of the largest interactive surfaces in the world;
  • The Place des Lumières, with an artificial pond that contains four hydraulic arms that emerge to create a projection screen made of water. The circular space has over 20 projectors and 100 lighting features working together to create an centrepiece for all of City Walk.

Michael Tutton spoke with Alexandre Simionescu, Co-Founder of FLOAT4 about entertainment, architecture and advertising within the City Walk shopping experience.

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