Projects: 80 Million Pixels Light Up At Dubai’s New City Walk Market

July 12, 2016 by Dave Haynes


This looks kind of amazing – 12 football fields worth of digital visuals on LED and projection in the new Meraas City Walk market in Dubai.

Overall, the Meraas project involves more than 30 LED installations in 21 different formats and nearly 30 high-res projectors totalling over 80 million pixels. It’s easily one of the most ambitious digital installs done to date, globally.

The Meraas City Walk has upscale retail, entertainment and residential components, and is a bit off the main freeway that bisects all the crazy,  ostentatious skyscrapers of Dubai. I rolled by it when there late last fall, but it was still months from lighting up (sigh). It is still not totally open, but this video gives a preview.

“For our team, it was an opportunity to demonstrate our know-how through a hugely ambitious project – even by Dubai standards,” remarks Alexandre Simionescu, Co-Founder of Float4, the Montreal firm that handled all content creation, program strategy and technology infrastructure design. “The project may only be a first step into the region, but it fully reflects our commitment to increasing our presence in international markets.”

The various displays and projections run two different shows and more than 80 minutes or original content. “With themes that tap into the imaginary and futuristic, the artistic direction drew inspiration from the new development’s architecture and vocation,” says Float4 in a press release. “Currently, the project is in the integration stage. The site will be officially and fully open near the end of 2016.

Float4 worked with Fly studio, Gridspace and XYZ on the project – presumably on some of the creative. The whole experience is running on Four Winds Interactive’s platform.

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