Sign Up For July 12 Canonical Webinar On Emerging IoT Tech

July 6, 2016 by Dave Haynes



If you are interested in emerging tech you might want to set aside an hour next Tuesday, July 12, for a webinar I’m running with a couple of interesting UK-based companies.

The session, put on by Canonical, the guys behind Ubuntu Linux, features Nikodem Lacki, CTO of Boldmind, and Ebrahim Busheri, CEO of Lime SDR. Boldmind does on-demand experiential advertising at retail malls and airports, while Lime SDR has digital signage players that can double up as configurable 4G base stations.

Their discussion will see them touch on a variety of topics:

This is the second webinar in a series run by Canonical, and dedicated to exploring the changes that a new wave of IoT innovation is bringing to the digital signage industry. I’m hosting all of them.

Click through to this link to register, and get calendar information. You can can watch an earlier webinar from this series, done with Screenly, here.

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