Raspberry Pi Digital Signage Webinar Replay

June 2, 2016 by Dave Haynes

raspberrypi1If you missed Canonical‘s webinar yesterday on using Raspberry Pis and Ubuntu Linux for digital signage, you can hit this link and get a replay of the one-hour session.

I blabber on for a bit at the start as I host the thing, but the attraction is Viktor Petersson, who runs Screenly, a signage CMS built around the low-cost micro PCs.

It’s worth a listen if you are looking at a signage project that somehow has to bridge a tight budget with something that isn’t a crossed-fingers exercise. Petersson’s company has sold licenses for 1,000s of installed players, and they’re not all 1-2 unit non-profits. He also gets into how and why he’s moving the player software over to Ubuntu Linux.

Petersson is also the subject of next week’s Sixteen:Nine Podcasts episode, which will be up on June 8th.

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