DSrupted Name Tags In, Check

August 19, 2015 by Dave Haynes

namebadge2015There’s a bunch of little things that tend to get forgotten when you’re organizing an event in the fleeting moments between calls and the endless, endless stuff of a work week.

So I’m please as heck DSrupted is still four weeks out and I have the name badges and lanyards for attendees in hand, the seating plan laid out, speakers sorted and pointed Toronto-way, and even pricing on vital stuff like morning coffee and afternoon sugar rushes.

This is the badge blank, which I have discovered from experience is the way to go on events and mixers. I print what are effectively postcards with holes punched out for a lanyard hook, and then slap on Dymo labels. That way, I’m not panicking to get the attendee list done and closed so I can get last-minute printing done of badges WITH names on them.

Last minute sign-up? Typo? Fire up the Dymo LabelWriter and it’s fixed.

We have people coming in for DSrupted from all over the place, and just added a nice couple of intrigued end-users to the crowd.

I also spoke today with Mike Pell – my data visualization guy from Microsoft – who is framing his talk specifically around how to do data visualization, and the opportunity it presents for the signage business.

Tickets are going well, but I’d be really happy to see more and pack the place. It’s a good deal – one day, five focused speakers, nothing but detailed talks and lotsa Q&A on disruptive technology, as it relates to digital signage.

There’s a mixer/scavenger hunt at Yorkdale Mall the night before, and ViewSonic is doing a showcase briefing the morning after DSrupted at its Mississauga (Toronto) offices, if you want to see that company’s latest pots and pans and, I’m guessing now, displays.

You can register for DSrupted here … 

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