A 201-inch LED Display That Hides In The Ground

February 8, 2013 by Dave Haynes

This is just flat ridiculous in so many ways, but the technical design is pretty interesting in terms of what an events center or other large public facility could, at least theoretically, do with it.

Put together by a German company, C-Seed, with a design by Porsche Design Studio, it’s a 201-inch waterproof LED board that can be embedded in the ground, or floor, and pop out and unfold in 40 seconds. The LEDs are 6 MM pixel pitch, which will look crappy up close but just peachy when you are 10 feet back or more.

The beast is viewable in direct sunlight, has a 270-degree rotation, 15 speakers and for $800,000 you even get a remote control.


This is designed for Eastern European arms dealers, pop stars and other people who can’t fathom the idea of building 100 classrooms in Africa with that kind of mad money. But there’s something there, and more rational, as a commercial display in the right setting.

It reminds me of that Meta-Twist Tower thing in Germany, but much sleeker.

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