Behold, The Meta Twist Tower

June 25, 2012 by Dave Haynes

[youtube id=”cBWUy_LvuTU” width=”600″ height=”350″]

So, I’d sum this project up this way:

Zum 20-jährigen Geburtstag enthüllt der Flughafen mit Chef Dr. Kerkloh den Meta Twist Tower, eine 41qm große, auseinaderklappbare LED Leinwand, die für News, Werbung und Unterhaltung zum Einsatz kommen soll.

Or, better, I’ll paraphrase what OOH-TV kindly puts in English about this new media tower at Munich’s airport, in what looks like a courtyard area away from all the real bustle. The Meta Twist Tower, as it is known, is three sets of 12 mm pixel pitch LED panels that can pivot and open up to create different visual shapes.

It was designed by the German firm 3M GTG for the airport and shows ads for 60% of the programming loop, and news and entertainment. OOH-TV says it is also available for broadcasting events, like the Germany-Italy game later this week.

It was originally set to go in about a year ago, but based on this thing looking and behaving a little like a solar-powered satellite I’m guessing engineering took a little longer than expected.

The 3M in the company name is THAT 3m – or a German subsidiary. The company’s work includes that zipper LED board at the Wynn resort on the Las Vegas strip – the one that has a slider that changes the visual as it goes up or down.

This is nice. Really different. However, the tower seems a little dwarfed by the scale of the venue. Maybe it’s a you have to be there thing.

Here’s a different video, with a Hollywood voice of God narrative and remarkably little in the way of actual visuals about the thing.

[youtube id=”llGE2eSg9BA” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Hat tip to Denis at OOH-TV.

  1. ian dobson says:

    Ahhh those systems..and now media towers…engineering at its best..even if it doesn’t make sense..:)..thanks for sharing Dave.

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