Corporate Video Production Team Planning Low-Cost Shoot For DSE Week In Vegas

December 14, 2012 by Dave Haynes

rdm-raveMy guys at Studio 10 in Regina, Sask. have developed what I think is a really good little program to run in Las Vegas in the immediate run-up to the Digital Signage Expo trade show in late February.

I call them my guys, but they are merely friends I have worked with a little and helped out. They are definitely not burdened by the nightmare of actually working for me.

These are the guys who shot the great video case studies/project profiles on Rave Cinemas and MGM Resorts, which Real Digital Media and Four Winds Interactive very happily use as centrepieces of their sales and marketing.

They also did a Preset video and one about the mixer.

The plan for Lost Wages is to produce professional 90-second corporate videos for multiple clients at a cost well below the norm. The idea is to establish a “studio” in a nice hotel and run clients through by the hour for interviews, and then edit that with B-roll, other footage and stills. The finished pieces would be closer to the Preset video than the MGM, because of the tight timeline. However, if the client has some good b-roll, it could.

One studio means overhead costs go down for all involved, and shooting can be expedited and nicely controlled in terms of lighting and sound.

These guys can also charge less because they are in the middle of the Canadian prairies and not in New York or LA, where everything costs more.

For vendors and service providers, it’s a very efficient way to get something like this done with guys who know what they’re doing, and during a week when key clients and business partners are also in town, relaxed and available to come by and help tell the story about a project or product.

I am giving Studio 10 a hand, as I did setting up the Rave and MGM stuff, by doing the interviews. You get better stuff when the guy asking the question knows what to ask and what really matters.

They did an email blast Thursday and have a microsite up. If you want to look into it, go here.

My involvement aside, video marketing in a business that’s all about visuals is a bit of a forehead-slapper. If you’ve seen the videos done on a very tight turnaround 10 months ago, you’ll see my guys are talented as hell.


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