Ardinger Leaves Nanonation; Joins University Tech Transfer Arm

August 1, 2012 by Dave Haynes

Brian Ardinger has left Nanonation, and this was his first day on the job as an advisor at a tech business accelerator.

“I’m starting a new gig as the new “Entrepreneur in Residence” at NUtech Ventures,” Brian told me in an email. “NUtech is the technology transfer arm of University of Nebraska. They’re trying to make a bigger play in getting actual startups spun out of the University rather than just licensing patents and technologies. Looking forward to working in the startup ecosystem here and trying to get some new things going.”

The program will be led by Brian Ardinger and NUtech Fellow Luke Smith. The two will work with university inventors to refine a business model, conduct market research and prepare startups for investor pitches.

This is a little bit of Brian going back to his roots. Prior to joining Nanonation, he was head of research at Ion Global, a Hong Kong headquartered technology firm where he developed Asia’s first dedicated customer experience lab.

He was also a Senior Consultant with Gartner, based in Silicon Valley and charged with implementing strategy and research for multinationals around the world and managed projects in industries ranging from software to telecommunications. He got his Bachelors degree in Marketing from the University of Nebraska at Omaha (and later an MBA from Penn State).

Ardinger is hooked up with NUtech for at least a year, but has a day a week to focus on consulting work, new ventures and one of his passions – a business accelerator/networking group called The Big Plate.

That’s going to be tough news around Nano’s Lincoln, Nebraska offices. Ardinger is by a big margin the best known person at Nanonation, and had a high industry profile via his being president (now past prez) of the Digital Screenmedia Association. Optically, it doesn’t help that Brian’s departure is less than three months after founder Bradley Walker left the firm.

Very nice, very sharp guy. Sorry to see Brian leaving the sector, but technology moves so fast and is so steadily interesting that it’s hard to keep bright people excited about the same old thing for too, too long.

These are his new coordinates:

Email: brian at

Twitter: @ardinger or @TheBigPlate


Mobile: 402-770-9567


  1. We’re definitely going to miss Brian here at Nanonation. He’s a great guy who has been a valuable asset to our business as well as a good friend to many of us, myself included, during our tenure here. Brian has helped us create a presence in the marketplace that has allowed us to compete as a top-tier software company in both digital signage and interactive deployments.

    While optics are always important, our focus is right now is on growing the business rapidly by providing reliable and robust solutions to our customers. We’ve been doing that well recently and are coming off the best quarter in our company’s history. We’re well positioned internally to continue that success.

    Everyone at Nanonation wishes Brian great success in his new venture (or NU Venture if you will) and we have no doubt he’ll add a great deal of value there. He has the entrepreneurial spirit that helped us really establish this business in the early years and will be able to lend that talent and experience to new students and start-ups at the University.

    Bryan Fairfield

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