Nanonation Founder Walker Steps Down, Cashes Out

May 7, 2012 by Dave Haynes

Nanonation founder Bradley Walker has sold his interest in the software and services company and stepped down from his role as President and CEO.

If you don’t know Bradley, he’s the nano guy who always wears a bowtie.

He will remain a Senior Advisor to the Board of Directors for the company during the transition of management responsibilities. Brian Ardinger, longtime Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer is now COO and VP Sales Bryan Fairfield is now CEO. The official date was May 1 for the hand-off.

“I am really looking forward to seeing what this team can accomplish with a new sense of ownership. Every dozen years or so, you have to invigorate your team and ask them to reach new heights,” says Walker.

“This will allow the Nanonation team to pursue its vision for the next 12 years and will afford me the chance to think creatively about other business challenges and opportunities. After 17 years of non-stop new venture creation, I am eager to apply my skills in new ways.”

“Bradley has been a tremendous force in our industry,” says Ardinger. “From his technical vision for solutions and products to his innovative strategies for customer engagement, Nanonation and our industry in general has benefited tremendously from his leadership.”

Ardinger says the decision was not a big surprise, and that Walker wanted to move on to some other interests.

Walker was recognized in 2005 with the Industry Leader of the Year award, and in 2009 he was elected to the Self-Service and Kiosk Association’s Hall of Fame.

Best wishes, Bradley, on whatever new challenge winds your watch. You built up a company with a very solid reputation and brand-heavy client base. And did it out of Lincoln, Nebraska.

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