Preset Mixer 2013 Taking Shape (inc. video)

July 19, 2012 by Dave Haynes

It is only 184 sleeps (or something, screw the necessary math work) until the 2013 Preset Group Mixer in Lost Wages.

More traditionally, I would wake up in a cold sweat sometime in January and realize, “Oh yeah, I should  start organizing this thing.” For a change, I am getting myself organized way in advance, and even have a freelance event planner teed up so there’s a passing shot at my having some hair left by February, and I will have time that evening to actually sip one of the free drinks we force on people.

Our friends at Studio 10 Productions in Regina, Saskatchewan – who did those awesome project profiles for MGM Resorts and RAVE Cinemas – also shot the 2012 mixer and put together a great video (top of post).

We have a venue lined up, and are negotiating price and arrangements. You will know it and like it if you have been to Vegas. It’s on the Strip. We liked the room at the Nugget on Fremont Street, but the entry area was really small and people were jammed on the stairs.

When we settle on price and then have a budget (what a concept), we will then be going out to the community for sponsor commitments. The budget will dictate how many sponsors we have, as well as costs.

For the (strangely) unfamiliar, the Mixer is annual ritual run the night before the Digital Signage Expo trade floor opens. It is a chance for a few hundred folks in the sector to get together for a drink or two, catch up, and meet new people.

During this time we also have people in the crowd actively recruiting attendees into the Cult of Gadget Hackwrench. Look it up.

You can see a photo gallery of the 2012 event here. Contact me if you are thinking sponsorship.




  1. Great video Dave. The mixer is definitely the highlight of the DSE.

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