Preset DSE Mixer: Sponsor/Partner Profiles – DMG, Planar, Content Interface

February 29, 2012 by Dave Haynes

And finally, phew, we reach the last but not least of the sponsor and partner profiles for the Preset Group DSE Mixer on Tuesday night in Lost Wages …

Sponsor Profiles – Diversified Media Group

Known mostly as DMG, this company has been a sponsor for all three Preset Mixers and were quick, as always, to jump in and offer help.

DMG is a New Jersey-based systems engineering company that works a lot in broadcast, AV and retail and has been around digital signage for years. DMG can handle all the day-to-day network operations for clients – planning, engineering, installation, content development and routine maintenance.

They have a lot of top tier clients – like banks, national QSRs, wireless carriers and OOH mediacos, and a really solid reputation in this sector for getting the job done.

Partner Profiles – Planar

Planar Systems, Inc. is a Portland-based digital display company that’s been around for almost three decades – focused entirely on commercial applications.

Like a lot of companies it has seen some peaks and valleys, but has lately been doing a really nice  bringing to market – and effectively marketing – some products that stand out from the crowded pack.

When some earlier tech plans went a little sideways on me for the mixer, Planar with the help of TargetPath kindly rounded up a couple of displays to have at the Nugget lounge to run some targeted content.

Partner Profiles – Content Interface

I have known Hao Le of Content Interface for years and kinda forgot about the company until recently. They do really, really interesting interactive visuals and have prepped one to run at the mixer, based on files I got from a client.

You may have seen this one on this blog a few weeks ago. Same idea, but cars (sorry guys), not bikinis. If the pieces fall together, we’ll have this running.

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