Uniguest’s Ad Feature On BBC Video Series Gives Interesting Look At Tuning Tech To Senior Living Communities

June 28, 2024 by Dave Haynes


Nashville-based Uniguest has for several years now been growing its solutions footprint in a vertical market I see few other companies interested in, despite the demographic information and opportunity staring them in the face.

The company expanded its focus from hotels and resorts to also incorporate senior living communities, offering a range of solutions that include standard digital signage but also extensions to tools like custom apps for tablets and smartphones that have the big icons and simple user experiences sometimes needed by people who are anything but digital natives.

The company has pushed out news this week that its work in a senior living community in Florida is featured in the UK-based BBC’s StoryWorks video series. It is indeed in the BBC online content ecosystem, but that should be qualified by it being paid advertorial, not an editorial piece developed by BBC staffers.

Regardless, it’s an interesting six-minute video doc that provides a rare look at how digital is being integrated into these higher-end communities, which have some of the feel of resort properties (especially when they’re in south coastal Florida).

From PR …

Presented by the Consumer Technology Association, this series delves into the impactful ways technology is fostering a more resilient planet, stronger societies, and healthier communities through compelling human-led films and immersive written content. Our segment is part of the “Healthier Communities” chapter of the series, highlighting our commitment to improving the quality of life for seniors through innovative technological solutions.

In the “Healthier Communities” chapter, Uniguest’s innovative solutions for Senior Living communities take the spotlight. Our technology initiatives are designed to foster wellbeing, enhance communication, and improve the overall quality of life for seniors. This mini documentary, follows 97-year-old Marion Ungrich, resident of Discovery Village at Naples Independent Living. By integrating advanced tech solutions into daily living, like Marion shows, we aim to create environments where seniors can thrive, stay connected, and lead fulfilling lives.


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