Dubai Retailer Lines Store’s Upper-Level With Semi-Transparent LED Display Tech

June 27, 2024 by Dave Haynes

A home furnishings retailer in Dubai is using those semi-transparent, wafer-thin LED displays on the upper levels of its store.

What’s interesting here is how the set-up enables the retailer to create something of digital billboard, without impairing the view in or out of the main level of the store.

The LED wafers are attached to the glass with thin, narrow strips instead of glued, which Chinese display manufacturer E-like says allows for better heat dissipation between the display and window glass. The display itself is 6.25mm pitch and each of the four window sections are 3 meters wide by 4 high.

The Chinese display manufacturer Muxwave first gained attention for these displays, which are a bit reminiscent of the perforated vinyl print wraps used for turning commuter rail cars into rolling billboards – except this is not a film but a flexible, foil-like material embedded with LED lamps.

Muxwave has first-mover advantage and awareness for this kind of display product. At InfoComm, I heard people referencing this tech as Muxwave displays, kind of like any big stadium digital displays are STILL referred to in some circles as Jumbotrons. But there are actually several manufacturers marketing variations on the core idea and approach, and I probably saw five or six different companies with them at the show earlier this month.

  1. Nick says:

    A good use of a similar deployment in Fuimicini Airport in Rome. It lines a glass elevator shaft. Some great LED displays in the same airport.

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