Fine Pitch LED Gets Attention And Love, But Don’t Forget About Low Rez Stuff That Can Cover Building Facades

June 24, 2024 by Dave Haynes

MUCH of the attention at trade shows like InfoComm and ISE, when it coms to LED displays, continues to be on fine pitch products – because they look amazing and represent scaled opportunities.

But keep in mind that the LED display that has inarguably generated the most attention and buzz in the past 12 months is The Sphere in Las Vegas, and it has a pixel pitch that varies between 200 and 225 mms … so the polar opposite of fine pitch.

Which is why I am mentioning and referencing one of the 100s and 100s of videos generated out of InfoComm by the rAVe Publications team. I went through some more of them this morning while re-animating myself with coffee, and this one presented by Yaham caught my attention.

Just as mesh LED screens have evolved and offered more transparency for displays intended to go in front of building windows, the technology has also improved for LED mesh curtains that can cover entire building facades without the structure needing to be reinforced because of the added weight.

This is a 50mm (P50) mesh display , and as you can can see, it is pretty transparent and does not involve a whole bunch of metalwork or other material. Yaham is by no means the only manufacturer making and marketing this sort of thing, but are among a much shorter list of companies directly active in the U.S. That giant 272-foot tall display on the side of the Palms resort in Las Vegas is, for example, a Yaham semi-transparent P25 mesh product.

Like the Exosphere outer display of The Sphere, these things are supposed to be seen at a distance. Get up close to that big LED ball and it doesn’t look so hot (and it is not supposed to)


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