Polish Mall’s Gateway Windows Fitted With 153 Sq. Meters Of Semi-Transparent LED For DOOH Network

June 20, 2024 by Dave Haynes

With the technology improving year by year, I think we’re going to see more and more glass curtain walls on major buildings turned into digital ad displays – providing city regulations allow them.

This is 153 sq. meters of semi-transparent LED inside the windows above the entry to a major shopping mall in Katowice, Poland – a DOOH display managed by the Polish media company Screen Network. The media company uses real-time data analysis and engagement metrics on the 90,000 or so sets of eyeballs that are within range of the screen every day.

The screen is a 10.4mm pitch Unilumin semi-transparent (~70%) mesh display, and it can push 8,000 nits if needed … but probably not. Half that should be plenty.

The challenge with these mesh displays has long been how they look great from the front, but the back-sides can look like hell – rows on rows of material and electronics. But they’re getting much better – at least for the companies who focus on it – and the photo below suggests it looks pretty acceptable. It helps that it is up above the entry, and isn’t immediately in front of anything, like an area set up for views outside.

Here’s a short video …

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