Varying Vertical Markets In Digital Signage: Audio From Digital Signage Summit Europe 2024, With Trison UK, Uniguest and Broadsign

June 13, 2024 by Dave Haynes

I managed to talk the AV team running the main conference room at the recent Digital Signage Summit in Munich to give me the audio off the board for three of the sessions I either moderated or spoke on.

The second of three that I did was focused on how to adapt to varying vertical markets, and that involved talking to companies focused on retail, food services and sports – Peter Critchley from Trison UK,  hospitality with Tim Hoddy of Uniguest, and Jan Reiners of Broadsign, which is all about digital OOH.

This was the description for the 30-minute session:

From DooH to Retail to Conferencing: in the digital signage business, it is all about the verticals. Different industries have very different requirements and pain points. So you need to adapt your strategies and products accordingly. But how can you identify these pain points? And how should you organize your portfolio to serve different verticals? Our panels of digital signage experts from different verticals will answer these questions.


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