DSF Digiscape Graphically Segments, Sorts Its Industry Members

June 10, 2024 by Dave Haynes

I have made, through the years, brief and abandoned runs at doing one of those graphics that try to capture and then sort by categories the ecosystem of digital signage, as it is a lot of work and almost impossible to capture.

So I have praise and sympathy for my friend Jim Nista, who has done the work to create a Digiscape for the industry, as presented by the Digital Signage Federation.

The published and clickable graphic sorts by hardware. software, services and other. and has subcategories for each. This is the ecosystem as defined by DSF member companies, because there are, for example, way way way more than 12 LED manufacturers selling in the US and Canada. I also do not see Samsung or LG in the graphics, which I guess means they have not been able to scrape together the Won to be DSF members.

These efforts always leave me with mixed feelings. I like and appreciate the effort to identify and sort companies in a sector, as it shows scale and helps define general buckets of activity. But the output always looks a bit like the backs of T-shirts for 5K Fun Runs – as in too many logos.


  1. Lee Hardy Dydo says:

    lol. This is the first thing my logo has ever been on Dave! I was feeling pretty good until a minute ago.
    Kidding. I still feel awesome.

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