Mobile LED Rental Firm GoVision Upgrades Fleet To Near Fine-Pitch Resolutions

May 16, 2024 by Dave Haynes

My local pro football club – the mighty Halifax Wanderers of the Canadian Premier League (yes, there is such a thing) – play at what amounts to a pop-up stadium below a fort in the old Canadian harbor city, and one of the big new features added last season and back this year is an LED replay board on a trailer that gets rolled in to a corner for use during games.

It looks like crap and is too far away from the main stands to be all that useful for showing replays of goals and dodgy yellow cards, but a rolling tally really drives 50:50 charity ticket sales – so I guess you could say it works.

I mention this because we probably all regard rental LED displays that are rolled around to different events as being big on portability, but light on screen quality. So I was interested to read that a company out of the Dallas area, which says it has one of North America’s largest fleets of turnkey mobile LED displays, is upgrading from 10 and 16mm pixel pitch displays to 3.9mm, which is not quite what the industry would call fine pitch – but in the ballpark of fine pitch. That’s in line with the premium displays going in to DOOH display-filled areas like Times Square.

Argyle, Texas-based GoVision says it has retrofitted its entire fleet to offer better resolution, brightness and color reproduction. The fleet now includes:

All of the new screens are at least 20% brighter than those they replaced, and each of the GoBigger units sports the highest-resolution screens in the business.

“Shortly after Chris [Curtis] and I re-acquired GoVision early last year, we made the decision to invest in a complete upgrade of our trailer fleet, to ensure that our state-of-the-art LED offerings remained not just the biggest, but the best in the space,” says  Kevin Faciane, GoVision’s CEO & Partner. “As we expand our leadership position in the hyper-competitive live-event industry, our mobile LED units will continue to provide an affordable, cutting-edge solution to event organizers who want to give their audiences the best possible visual experience.”

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