Pyramid Markets Kiosk With Transparent OLED Screen That Doesn’t Block Sightlines In QSR

May 10, 2024 by Dave Haynes

The market will tell the story, and I am a bit skeptical, but this is nonetheless an interesting use of transparent OLED for QSR environments, tying the display to kiosk functionality.

The IT solutions firm Pyramid will be showing a version at its stands at the upcoming National Restaurant Association trade show – positioning it as a unit that can fit “unobtrusively and seamlessly into any store or restaurant environment, without compromising its openness and design. Thanks to the transparent touchscreen, the Transparent OLED Kiosk is a great choice for spaces of all sizes, especially for smaller spaces where traditional displays obstruct views.”

That ability to see out beyond the order counter would be the main attraction. The unit pairs a 30-inch display with multi-touch capability, and a hardware unit beside it that includes a payments device and thermal printer.

The company has a full line of more conventional kiosks for restaurants and other industries, and has more than 60,000 kiosks in the field.

I find this kinda sorta interesting, but it also hits me as trade show booth eye candy. Transparent OLEDs are very nice, but the Pyramid sales people might want to have defibrillators at the ready when they pass along pricing, as a transparent OLED does not have LCD pricing.

  1. craig keefner says:

    Stop by kiosk association booth 5536 at NRA to see it in action. Not often an order terminal has an attractor extending outwardly like this does. People are signing up for meetings —

  2. craig keefner says:

    Also in the booth is Clover and also Square POS terminals on Samsung Tizens. Both synchronized with 55″ Samsung monitors running VXT

  3. Tammy Lockhart says:

    A suggestion would be to make a much less obtrusive payment device, should be a much lower profile if the purpose of the screen is openness.

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