REACH Boosts Ad Capabilities Via Integrations With Major Programmatic DOOH Platforms

May 9, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Digital signage and DOOH were, for many years, intermingled terms, but they kinda went off on their own tracks about 10-12 years ago. Now they’re starting to intermingle again, likely because of the big spike in interest and activity involving the in-store screens aspect of retail media networks.

I’m seeing lots of stuff lately suggesting CMS software companies are bolstering and/or expanding their digital OOH capabilities – among them Minneapolis-based REACH (aka Reach Media Network).

The company has announced it has completed and QA’d software development that ties its platform in with four leading programmatic ad platforms. Now available as a self-serve, built-in application within REACH’s CMS solution, users can now connect their programmatic ad accounts to display within their selected networks and screen(s) of their choice and is included free with their software licensing.

Through a simple authentication process, users will easily be able to authenticate and pull through programmatic ad accounts from the following platforms:

Using programmatic ads through digital signage, buyers will be able to discover your signage network and be able to complete the other side of the transaction. Once connected to REACH’s CMS, you can then control where and how it appears on your layout designs. Multiple ads can be placed within a layout at once (editor’s note: don’t do that!), allowing you to tailor each ad to your clients needs.

REACH notes a key client – Futuresign – is already using the set-up.  “The recent enhancements to REACH’s Programmatic Ad Software have dramatically advanced our digital advertising capabilities. With state-of-the-art integrations and versatile widgets, our revenue has significantly increased, alongside higher engagement levels on our digital displays,” says Rick Jepson of Futuresign. “These tools have empowered us to deliver personalized and impactful advertising content that engages our audience, ensuring each ad placement is more strategic and impactful, with full end-to-end automation. The new widgets have facilitated seamless automated ad placements from national brands and government entities on our platforms.”

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