IGEL, LG Announce “Digital Signage Revolution” … But The Solution Doesn’t Appear To Apply To Digital Signage. Huh???

May 2, 2024 by Dave Haynes

The headline: IGEL and LG Spearhead a Dynamic Digital Signage Revolution with New LG CreateBoard Display Solutions, Powered by IGEL OS

This announcement got my attention because it involves LG, one of the larger tech companies in this sector, and the suggestion that some new product partnership is going to spearhead a Dynamic Digital Signage Revolution.

But … unless I’m really missing something, this “expanded partnership” doesn’t even apply to what we’d generally call digital signage – as it has to do with a small handful of thin client devices like a couple of desktop monitors, a special laptop and LG’s CreateBoard – which is a collaboration display for classrooms and meeting spaces. Admittedly, the CreateBoard – like other collaboration displays – could run digital signage messaging when not being actively used for teaching or meetings.

So I don’t know why this press release goes hard with the assertion that this is a thing for digital signage purposes, but it does …

“LG’s innovative digital signage solutions are revolutionizing how organizations manage, process and communicate information to the masses within several different vertical markets,” sys Jim Airdo, Senior Vice President of Strategic Alliances, IGEL. “Together, our strategic collaboration opens doors for customers across a range of industries, empowering them to create seamless digital environments that captivate and inform audiences without risk or compromise.”

“This new collaboration marks another milestone in our longstanding partnership with IGEL,” says Nicolas Min, Senior Vice President at LG Business Solutions USA. “It builds on our partnership which has proven its success through the support and trust of our mutual customers and partners who, over the years, have reaped the rewards of our collaboration, enjoying enhanced flexibility for their cloud-enabled digital workspaces.”

At the heart of the LG and IGEL partnership lies a shared dedication to enhancing the customer experience. With IGEL’s cloud-based software solution, IGEL has further streamlined the management of LG’s state-of-the-art displays. Through the integrated IGEL Cloud platform, users access many cloud solutions tailored for LG digital signage, interactive displays, video walls, and commercial TVs, all within a user-friendly management environment. This integration enables organizations to explore, subscribe to, and effortlessly manage LG’s advanced display solutions, ensuring a seamless, secure and engaging digital experience for all.

I won’t explain what IGEL does because it is way over my head … but here’s what the company says:

IGEL is the leader in providing a secure endpoint OS for enterprises now and next. Designed for VDI, DaaS, SaaS and secure browsing, IGEL OS delivers a first-class user experience while being seamless to manage – saving money, fuelling growth, supporting sustainability and driving organizations forward. IGEL OS supports a Zero Trust approach to security through the unique IGEL Preventative Security Model removing the attack vectors often exploited by bad actors.

The new digital display solutions leverage the IGEL Preventative Security Model to help minimize the attack vectors of digital display devices. Using a secure Linux operating system, IGEL OS delivers a solid Zero Trust foundational approach to IT security for this new generation of LG CreateBoard technology solutions. As a result, LG commercial displays and digital signage solutions, featuring integrated IGEL OS, are easier to manage, protect and control for a more secure OT and IoT experience.

I don’t have the technical chops to say this with any certainty, but I’m not sure how LG smart displays – the bulk of its digital signage hardware offer – could support a specialized Linux operating system for thin clients when they already run LG’s webOS operating system … so how this might apply to LG’s real digital signage business escapes me.

Weird announcement …

  1. Daniel says:

    I looked into this after reading the article. It sounds like they want to run client CMS applications in the cloud and stream the ‘screen’ from that to their LG TV’s running IGEL OS.

    IGEL states their OS is “Read-Only”, so it seems streaming the DS content is the only option here. If that’s true, it’s an incredible waste of bandwidth, streaming a loop of signage content constantly…

    I agree it’s weird, not sure why they’d do this when they have WebOS. There must be more to it than they’re saying at this point.

    1. Dave Haynes says:

      Thanks Daniel … I appreciate the work to try to decode this a bit more. I have no clue who I would ask within LG.

    2. Nick Dwyer says:

      I ascertained the same, Daniel. Would be handy for networks with flakey connection that are required to show up-to-the-minute content, such as in lift screens, that are notoriously difficult for 4G or even wifi stability.

  2. Craig Keefner says:

    Many enterprises would have to adapt to network connectivity internally with WebOS. Not so with IGEL. Network integration option is the aim here perhaps. IGEL is huge in thin client market and particularly in healthcare and SSO. HIPAA is a big driver.

  3. Marcos Terenzio says:

    This made me curious as well so I looked into it and it seems to be the foundation for improved remote managed end points that an IT organization can better control remotely. I guess in theory this could extend to SOC LG Displays? Either way “It made me look” I think that was the intent of the headline and it worked. You should get someone from LG to decipher for the community. I think their is more here than it seems.

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