Real-Time Transit Info Screens In Nottingham, England So Bad City Council Sends “We Share Your Frustrations” Email To Riders

May 1, 2024 by Dave Haynes

It’s never a good thing when a city’s mass transport authority sends a note to passengers to concede the real-time information screens at stops along its routes tend to either be blank, or showing inaccurate information.

Nottingham City Transport is the UK sent an email saying it shared their frustrations about displays that appear to be somewhat useless.

The email included, reports the local newspaper, this note:

“You may have noticed that the accuracy and reliability of the information on the electronic bus stop displays has deteriorated in recent months. This can include the display being blank, inaccurate predictions, missing services, the same journey being shown more than once, different information on each side of the display and just the scheduled time of the bus shown, which comes off the display when that time is reached regardless of whether the bus has arrived.”

The story continues …

According to the email, bus operators such as NCT send their tracking data, showing where the buses are, and predictions as to when they will arrive, to the council. It said the councils maintain the displays and put the information on them.

Recently, the old technology used on the displays was replaced by a new technology which was “procured” by Nottingham City Council. NCT said that problems with the transition are causing the issues – without going into any further detail.

The email then said that NCT understands from the council that the “new supplier is working tirelessly in an effort to resolve the situation.”

It then said: “NCT shares your frustration with the poor situation with the bus stop displays and continues to have several conversations each week with Nottingham City Council about resolving it and returning the information on the bus stop displays to the high levels of accuracy previously enjoyed.”

Customers are instead advised to download the free NCTX Buses app or use the website. The email was signed off saying: “Thank you for your patience.”

People who do a lot of data integrations would likely say it can get messy, quickly, if the structure of the data is not rock-solid.
This podcast I did a while back with Chris Johns of PassageWay in the UK goes into depth about real-time transit information.

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