Touring Experiential Digital Shrine To Footballing Deity Lionel Messi Opens In Miami

April 29, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Photos – Bruno Aïello-Destombes/Moment Factory

An immersive attractions company that had previously been touring projection-mapped shows featuring painting masters like Van Gogh and Monet has now turned its attention to a very modern master, with very different skills – footballing’s biggest star, Lionel Messi.

The Messi Experience opened last week in Miami – a nine-room, digital-heavy immersive attraction that is all about the Argentine soccer star, who now plays for Miami’s Major League Soccer franchise.

The attraction opened April 25 at The Hangar at Regatta Harbor in Miami, put on by Primo Entertainment, with creative direction and production from partner Moment Factory, the Montreal creative technology studio. The experience, which includes the familiar idea of oversized visuals, also has a bunch of interactive stations.

The intent is to take fans through Messi’s journey, from childhood though his years playing for Barcelona and then the World Cup, which Messi’s team won in 2022.

Moment’s description:

Guests are invited to step into the shoes of the iconic player and take part in pivotal moments in his journey from childhood beginnings to global superstardom.

The experience aims to create an engaging and emotional connection between fans and Messi, offering an unprecedented multimedia journey into his world. Multisensory installations allow guests to engage in immersive moments including boarding an open-top bus and living the famous Argentinian winning parade, exploring Messi’s childhood home, visiting Camp Nou, participating in soccer challenges, and taking an iconic selfie with Messi himself.

The Messi Experience exemplifies Moment Factory’s extensive work in  immersive storyworlds and offers guests unprecedented ways to connect with their favorite celebrities, brands, and IPs through creative multi-sensory content and active participation. In turn, these experiences raise brand visibility, draw public interest, and ticket sales.

After a Miami run, the Messi Experience will then be packed u and toured to other cities. Let’s assume Barcelona and Buenos Aires are tour stops.

I like this a LOT more than the touring artworks thing – as wandering a big darkened room looking at giant projections of Monet’s Water Lilies is interesting in a “limited, good-for-a-few-minutes-and-then-now-what?” kind of way.

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