Clever Adidas Campaign Turns Stockholm DOOH Totems Into Competitive Running Checkpoints

April 26, 2024 by Dave Haynes

This is a clever campaign done to market Adidas in Stockholm, Sweden – a digital OOH campaign tied to an app that lets runners compete for times between ad totems that double up for this as race start and finish checkpoints.

The Billboard Run asks avid runners to scan a QR code on a DOOH totem and then run through the streets at race speeds to a designated finish line display. Fast times are noted on the displays, and participants get a shot at prizes, including Adidas gear. The campaign was developed by Accenture Song ( I did not know the management consulting giant had a digital agency!).

Warning – annoying music ahead (if you are past a certain age) …

  1. Wes Dixon says:

    This might be fun for runners! Also a great advertising opportunity for Orthopedic Surgeons for knees, hips and ankles; and Physical Therapists!

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