BrightSign Offers Sustainability-Focused Trade-In Incentive Program For EOL’d Players

April 26, 2024 by Dave Haynes

This may be common, for all I know, with tech hardware – but it’s new to me: an AV hardware manufacturer running a trade-in incentive plan.

Silicon Valley-based BrightSign has launched a Trade-In Program that encourages end-users with end-of-life (EOL) or now underspec’d earlier versions of its little purple media players to return them and get a sweetheart deal on units of its newest Series 5 line of players.

The program is aimed at end-users and service providers who have older Series 1, 2, and 3 players. It is for customers with higher volumes of units – 25 or more – and the unspecified incentive is a 1:1 thing. So, return 40, get a deal on 40, not 400.

The trade-in program is positioned as a sustainability program, with returned players properly handled (with some materials perhaps recycled) as opposed to i=old units ending up in landfills. It is, of course, also a retention and loyalty program. While BrightSign dominates the digital signage market in the context of special-purpose media players, it does have competition.

The program closes this fall.

  1. Wes Dixon says:

    Since BrightSign is an SoC, I wonder if that chip can be reclaimed? Even if it isn’t, this is a nice step. Here at Keywest Technology, our “Buy-It-Once” perpetual warranty has essentially the same result. On most of our Breeze Players, if it breaks, we replace it.

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