Video: E Ink Shows Its Full Range Of Color E-Paper Displays

April 25, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Presumably timing this to Touch Taiwan this week and a big exhibit stand at that show, E Ink has put out a promo video that walks through its current product portfolio.

Lots of display companies do that, of course, but most display companies have products that already look really good – whereas E Ink has been on a 20+ year march to get to color and then to great-looking color.

This video suggests they’re somewhere between close and these, in terms of color quality. There is high end Spectra stuff, that I have seen in person, that looks very much like a printed poster with full, saturated colors. There is also stuff, like what I have  seen in person from PPDS and Sharp NEC (as recently as ISE) that still … needs … work. The colors are still muted because they have a filter layer.

The  top photo shows how they can be muted, but here’s a saturated Spectra 6 that shows what is possible.

It’s also interesting in this video to see a return to tiled, flat panel video walls – except color e-paper instead of LCD or OLED. So bezels are back.

The wild card on the fully saturated color stuff is price – which likely need to come down a lot. When I compared color e-paper displays to LCD monitors of the same size, the difference was 10X. Granted, the energy draw is a fraction of that for LCD displays, but …

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