Is This The Worst DOOH Deployment … Ever?

April 25, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Oh dear …

The idea of putting ad screens in the washrooms of bars and restaurants – including embedded in urinals, no really – has been around forever, but as flawed as the early-stage DOOH networks in those environments might have been, they were brilliant when stacked up against this operating ad network in Malaysia.

GOFLO puts a screens above hand dryers as what it calls a “smart captive audience advertising panel.”

The premise is that Goflo has screens and ads people can’t help but see after they do their business and (hopefully) wash their hands.

Advertising with GOFLO would be efficient as it will accompany the person while drying their hand, it is not something they can skip. A person would consume 10-15 seconds drying their hand, as they dry, they’ll watch. The hand dryer is connected to the presence sensor where the advertisement will play if they detect human approach within 10m radius. Even when they’re not drying their hands, they’re just passing by, that will trigger the curiosity in their brain to check out the hand dryer. 

GOFLO would provide FREE Hand Dryer to building owners in return of their toilet space. Any maintenance regarding the hand dryer would be under GOFLO’s responsibility.  We will be giving high velocity hand dryer that flows the water off the users hands that they don’t need to use paper towel to dry it anymore. Building owners can cut down cost in purchasing hand paper towels. All in all it would be a great deal for both side, as we get to save the environment by reducing the usage of paper towels and advertise while building owners can save their money from purchasing hand paper towels and maintaining the dispensers and messy toilets. 

So we have:


And the play-out software is so rudimentary it leaves very noticeable black gaps between video files.

Washrooms have always been a dubious OOH or DOOH media environment, but this one is ALL CAPS DUBIOUS.

Here’s a video via Linkedin. Hat tip to Ahmed Balfaqih for noticing/posting, and Raphael Languebien for commenting and making it show up in my feed.

  1. Ken Goldberg says:

    Somewhat ironic that the digital screens are masked by print ads extolling the virtues of digital.

  2. Wes Dixon says:

    Remember, just because you have a hammer… not everything is a nail…

  3. Peter C says:

    Come on Dave, they’ll clean up!

  4. Marty Durksen says:

    Never a fan of PTV

  5. Charles Billups says:

    Follow it was another brilliant add on ComputerVision to track impressions – and make sure you wash your hands.

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