Paris Mall Refreshes 250 Sq. Meters Of LED For DOOH-Focused “New Digital Dream”

April 22, 2024 by Dave Haynes

The operators of one of the larger shopping malls in Europe and its OOH media partner pushed a big red symbolic button last week to officially turn on 250 sq. meters of new LED display in its central courtyard, under the name New Digital Dream.

The display set-up includes a big feature screen intended to be used for brand advertising. There are also LED ribbon displays – all rolling up to 37 million pixels. Three cameras in the screen area can be used to allow the shopping public to interact with the screen.

The Westfield Les Quatre Temps mall is in Paris. It has had big, high profile LED displays for more than a decade, so this was an upgrade, with the big change a larger, and gently curved main display. The media company involved in selling the inventory is Cityz Media, which is the new brand for what was ClearChannel France.

No idea who the LED and other tech suppliers might be.

Coca-Cola has block-booked the space through this week, and the mall also has a partnership with digital art startup Artpoint for showcasing non-advertising material.

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