LED Mainstreamed: A Retail POP Fixture On A Pallet, With A Display On Its Front Face

April 22, 2024 by Dave Haynes

I have seen merchandising tables in big box environments like Best Buy and even Costco that have LED displays below the counter, so to speak, to draw attention and market product – but in another sign of this stuff being mainstreamed, it’s now being used for temporary POP displays on pallets that get plopped in place in the high traffic areas of large stores.

This is a POP fixture in a big box booze store on Long Island, marketing Pantalones Organic Tequila, actor Matthew McConaughey’s tequila brand. Celebrity spirits has definitely become a thing (see Ryan Reynolds and gin).

I mention this because the fixture is set up on pallets, so in theory, this gets forklifted into place for the campaign period, and then removed or sent somewhere else in the store, or to another store. I’m going to assume/hope the LED modules don’t get the forklift ride!

The design is from the Miami company Outform, which blends digital with retail fixtures.

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