Barvanna Adds Real-Time Sports Betting Info To Place-Based Streaming Content Offer

April 19, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Barvanna has added a very different twist to the typical content mix used by place-based streaming Digital OOH networks, partnering with SportsGrid to deliver real-time sports betting information, including odds and moneylines.

The content runs on L-bar overlays tied into Barvanna’s streams.

From PR:

The SportsGrid cloud-based content solution enhances the fan experience delivering a 24/7 real-time on-screen L-Bar overlay featuring breaking news, scores, injury reports, odds, moneylines and more. The Barvanna Network is a sports & entertainment TV network specially designed to entertain out-of-home viewers and available in the United States to more than 3.5 million screens and 36,000 screens internationally. The SportsGrid OOH Content Solution amplifies and complements Barvanna’s exclusive programming reaching millions of bar and restaurant patrons.

SportsGrid’s OOH Content Solution provides Barvanna with a comprehensive sports gaming solution providing pre-game odds, over/under, point-spread, moneylines with advanced data analytics, making Barvanna the only OOH TV network to provide real time sports wagering content alongside sports trivia, action sports videos and other short form programming designed for viewing in public spaces such as sports bars, restaurants, health clubs, offices, and hotels.

The SportsGrid content solution presents OOH publishers with an untapped programming resource to connect sponsors with their engaged fanatical sports audiences. The new SportsGrid OOH syndication platform serves as the sports betting content source to integrate publishers and the massive sports gaming audience unlocking an entirely incremental revenue stream. The SportsGrid OOH cloud-based content solution curates real time betting intelligence featuring coverage of professional football, basketball, baseball, college sports, golf, tennis, soccer, and more.

“The introduction of the SportsGrid OOH Content Solution utilizes the delivery of the L-Bar technology to give the Barvanna Network and their audience the winning edge,” says Jeremy Stein, CEO of SportsGrid. “The goal is to generate incremental sponsorship revenue streams for our distribution platforms and improve the economics of our partners.”

“With the increasing popularity of sports wagering in the U.S., we’re delighted to partner with SportsGrid to deliver a more robust offering which adds to Barvanna’s appeal,” adds Sean Riley, Barvanna’s Co-founder and President. “Now, with up-to-the-minute betting stats, establishments can maximize the excitement of sports broadcasts by pairing Barvanna Network with live games on other screens, offering patrons the ultimate sports viewing experience.

I did a podcast with Riley in Oct. 2022 …

Riley’s company competes with streaming place-based networks like Atmosphere and Loop TV, but takes a different technical and business  approach – effectively operating as a free channel on satellite TV receiver boxes. So if a sports bar in the U.S., for example, uses DIRECTV to drive the screens around its seating areas, staff can switch on the Barvanna channel by grabbing the remote and just switching to it. No logins. No software to manage. No dedicated box to tie in to local WiFi.

Barvanna says it is available on more than three million screens nationwide through DIRECTV for Business (channel 9581) and to more than 36,000 screens internationally.

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