Boring But Good: Denver’s Busy Airport Uses LED Header Banner At New TSA Checkpoint

April 16, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Denver International Airport recently opened a new 17-lane TSA security checkpoint on the terminal’s northwest end of Level 6, part of a $2.1B upgrade project at what is the third busiest airport in the US.

The engineering and design firm Stantec is doing a big list of work at the airport, and one component is the security checkpoints – which includes a bunch of tech intended to get people quickly and safely through that whole screening exercise.

I am a big fan of stuff that more visually-oriented people probably find dull, like the header over the entryway.

Nothing fancy, but it guides travelers to the right line (if you have TSA Pre, it’s that way, etc) and relates real-time information on how long this will take.

The big-dollar experiential, art-driven projects are awesome, but to me, component of experience that doesn’t get enough attention and love is the simple effort to help people navigate airports and get them to the gates with as little grief as possible. This sort of thing does that.

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