Saudi Auto Dealer Invests Big In Custom Experiential Creative For Building And Showroom

April 11, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Much of what gets run on big screens at auto dealer showrooms is, somewhat logically, what amounts to car, truck and SUV porn – gorgeous footage of vehicles rolling along everything from the dampened roads of downtowns to winding, oceanside highways. So it is very interesting to see a dealership drop some presumably serious money on custom creative that doesn’t show anything with a steering wheel or tires.

Three big screens positioned around the building of Lexus/Toyota dealer Hassan Jameel Motors, in the Saudi coastal city Al-Khobar, are running 17 unique pieces of content, all developed by the Barcelona creative studio Instronic. The pieces are designs in such a way that they net out to about 40 pieces, given variations on individual pieces.

All of the material is experiential and focused on four core concepts, Instronic notes: Site, Cycle, Sci-Fi, and Luxury, encompassing the unique landscapes of Saudi Arabia, the circular motion of car engines and wheels, futuristic architectural elements, transparency, and cutting-edge motor technologies, as well as a commitment to delivering a premium-quality customer experience.

There is some modest Lexus and Toyota branding, but again, no sexy footage of cars on the road or showing vehicle interiors or happy owners.

From Instronic:
For the Lexus Toyota Showroom in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia, our content project unfolded with a vision aimed at balancing the brand essence and cultural roots defining Hassan Jameel Motors. It was a creative journey designed to align with their innovative vision and cultural essence. Our creative direction was meticulously crafted to meet the client’s specifications while staying true to their brand ethos and cultural significance.

Instronic tends to do highly detailed, very visual project profiles that go deep explaining the creative and reference materials.

One of the really interesting wrinkles with the programming is how it is sync’d with muslim prayer times, with specific pieces timed to appear promptly at various prayer hours.

What Instronic doesn’t tend to get into is the technical stuff, so I don’t really know what was used here for displays. The big one in the 14-panel window facing the street and another one looking into the service bays are both transparent, but I am not sure what kind of transparent. Foil? Film? Mesh? Embedded in glass? Dunno.

The one on the showroom wall is some sort of more conventional fine pitch LED.

The Jameel clan is among the wealthiest among the super-wealthy of Saudi Arabia, so the marketing budget is a little richer than that for a more typical Lexus dealer in Sherman Oaks, Bozeman or Edinburgh.

  1. Bryant says:

    NEXNOVO provides the Glass LED display NSN series products being used as the partition window between the waiting room and the service bays.

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