Esports Talent Managers SK Gaming Open Screen-Filled German HQ

April 8, 2024 by Dave Haynes

This is the new Cologne, Germany headquarters building of the e-sports company SK Gaming GmbH, a three story space loaded up with Sony pro displays, including a big 12 sq. meter super-premium Crystal LED that appears to be ready for active gaming.

The building offers the company’s e-sports teams, customers, and employees an expo area, event and presentation space, as well as production and training rooms, meeting rooms and office space.  SK is not a game design company. It’s in the business of developing and managing e-sports, which I had no idea was a thing (noting yet again, I’m old).

The lobby wall is a 4×3 metre Crystal LED display, bundled with pro level sound. There are several jumbo 98-inch 4K pro displays also in the lobby/expo area, and a variety of different-sized Bravia flat panels set as a mosaic wall in what looks like a lounge area.

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