AV-Driven Portland Event Space Makes Pair Of Mosaic Video Walls Key Elements Of Venue Experience

April 5, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Clusters of flat panel displays that are not just set in rectangles or tiled rows are something that’s been seen through the years at a lot of trade show booths and in marketing materials, but there hasn’t been much evidence of real-world deployments. They’re out there, but you couldn’t argue that they’re commonplace.

That noted, here’s a nice one … actually a pair.

An AV-centric event space in Portland, OR is using a couple of eight-screen mosaic walls as part of the visual mix and experience, calling the set-ups Story Walls.

The screens and the software driving the screens at AVENUE Portland are from New York-based Videri, which has been aggressively marketing these kinds of multi-screen mosaic LCD walls at a time when much of the digital signage and pro AV industry is fixated on LED displays and kind of moved on from LCD video walls.

The wrinkle with Videri is that the screens are super-thin and can be clustered and managed across different sizes and shapes (they do both rectangles and squares). I don’t think an LCD video wall of this scale would have the same visual interest if it was an orderly 2 screens wide by 3 screens high.

The mosaics flank an entryway to the venue – which is called AVENUE to blend AV and VENUE. The walls get used for a variety of things, according to an online piece:

Vivid and eye-catching, our Story Walls are also extremely versatile. From wayfinding and setting the tone for your event to enhancing the overall event atmosphere, there are countless ways to leverage this feature for maximum benefit.

The venue is set up for everything from conferences, using projection, to networking events and catered dinners.



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