Acquire Digital Partnership Adds Real-Time Customer Ratings To Airport Wayfinding And Directory Displays

April 5, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Wayfinding and directory displays at big footprint airports have long been there to help travelers find their way to gates and to services like shops and restaurants, but a new technology partnership has added a new information means to boost both experience and non-airline revenues: real-time customer ratings.

UK-based CMS software firm Acquire Digital has partnered with Atlanta-based Tatvam Insights to incorporate real-time customer ratings on digital directory totems at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), with the aim of “fostering a competitive environment that promises to elevate customer satisfaction across all service providers.”

Tatvam Insights defines itself as a “leading provider of customer feedback analysis and insights, specializing in transforming feedback into actionable strategies that drive passenger satisfaction and business growth.”

From PR:

The integration of customer feedback into Acquire Digital’s advanced digital wayfinding systems represents a pivotal advancement in enhancing the airport’s commercial offerings. By providing passengers with transparent, peer-driven insights into the quality of F&B and retail services, this initiative not only guides consumer choice but also incentivizes concessionaires and retailers to consistently deliver exceptional service and innovation.

Key Highlights:

“Tatvam Insights is thrilled to partner with Acquire Digital to bring this innovative feature to ATL,” says James Archer, VP of Global Growth and Innovation, Tatvam Insights. “This initiative is more than just a technological advancement; it’s a commitment to enhancing the airport experience through transparency, quality, and customer satisfaction. We believe that by providing passengers with real-time feedback, we can create a more enjoyable and seamless airport experience, while also driving significant growth in non-aeronautical revenues.”

Neil Farr, Acquire’s CEO, adds: “By integrating real-time customer ratings into our digital wayfinding solutions, we’re not only enhancing the passenger experience but also setting a new standard for service excellence and commercial success in the airport industry.” 

Interesting stuff. The benefits of real-time operations data, like security screening times and baggage collection status, are well established, but I’ve not seen anything that helps passengers make decisions about shopping and dining.

  1. Stephen Gottlich says:

    Great idea that will add value to the experience, however based on a recent 4 hour layover at Hartsfield Airport, I am not sure any of the dining destinations deserve recognition, crowded, miserable service, no where to sit and this was in two concourses.

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