LED, Shelf-Edge Ribbon Displays Drive Experiential For Nail Polish Retailer Pink Gellac

April 4, 2024 by Dave Haynes

I almost closed the tab when I read Let’s Get Phygital! up high on the case study page, but I persevered because I wanted to get a sense of what the Dutch retail solutions firm First Impression did for the beauty brand Pink Gellac in its stores.

The intent was to create something so visually interesting that customers would whip out their phones and take selfies in the stores across the Netherlands and Belgium, and First Impression suggests they nailed it (Pink Gellac sells nail polish and related products).

The referenced store has a nice mix of a big LED feature wall at the rear and LCD (I think) ribbon strips just above the rows upon rows of little nail polish bottles. I also like the sync’d ambient light cylinders in one of the stores. The store also uses a scent marketing and a custom audio playlist. It looks like some stores also have portrait displays in the shop window. First Impression does the creative and manages the screens.

The Pink Gellac stores page suggests the stores have varied looks inside, but they all have that vibrant look that does heavy on color.

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