Mimo’s Flashcast Device Aimed At Simplifying Mass Notifications Across Complicated Screen Networks

March 28, 2024 by Dave Haynes

The small form-factor display manufacturer Mimo Monitors has started marketing the beta release of a little box that’s designed to do rapid alerts across digital signage and other, similar kinds of large footprint networks.

Called Mimo Flashcast, the little sub-$140 box puts a visual alert overlay on screens – based on auto-triggered messaging pushed by the Comon Alert Protocol or by notification software companies like Alertus and Layered Solutions.

A big driver behind this is creating a simple workaround to what can be a complicated arrangement for situations like college campuses, which may have different schools and faculties all running different digital signage and other communications systems. So a central alert from the central admin or security offices, warning of everything from bad weather or fires to an active shooter, may have to be routed through all kinds of different systems. And those systems may or may not support things like alerts.

The box just needs an available HDMI port on a display. There is a cloud UI that controls them all from a single interface.

“Currently there is no seamless and efficient way for all displays to be controlled by one single interface. We saw a real marketplace need to leverage our hardware expertise and create an innovative solution that could deliver information quickly at scale,” says David Anderson, CEO and President of Mimo Monitors. “With the FlashCast we’re proud that there is now an intuitive means of getting real-time messaging delivered and disseminated across all displays with ease.”

Mimo’s product page lists the benefits and attributes:

Effortless Deployment: Say goodbye to complicated setups and hello to simplicity. The FlashCast is designed to be user-friendly, promoting easy deployment through HDMI and IP connectivity. Simply connect and start sending alerts and messages instantly, without any hassle.

Tailored Messaging for Each Display: Take full control of your messaging strategy with the 1:1 hardware interface of the FlashCast. Each display has its own input signal and programmable overlay, enabling you to put the same message on any or all displays effortlessly. Customize your content and target specific locations, creating a dynamic and engaging visual experience.

Secure Cloud Connectivity: Safely connect to the cloud with the FlashCast and enjoy a programmable interface that grants you full control over messaging and message location. Benefit from enhanced security and peace of mind, ensuring that your information is transmitted securely across your entire network.

Compatible with Common Alert Protocol: Utilizing the Digital Alert Systems DASDEC as a backed, The FlashCast seamlessly integrates with the Common Alert Protocol, as well as multiple notification software companies such as Alertus, Layered Solutions and more, making it easy to communicate real-time information and emergency alerts. Be it weather watches and warnings, active shooter situations, or other critical or time-sensitive events, this product ensures your message reaches your audience immediately.

Versatile Applications: The possibilities are endless with the FlashCast. Whether you’re in a campus, hospital, retail establishment, or any other venue, you can leverage the FlashCast to reach your audience with relevant information any time. Create custom alerts, display logos, daily information, promotions, and more, engaging your audience and enhancing the overall experience.

Unmatched Video Support: Experience top-of-the-line video support with the FlashCast. It offers 1-input, 1-output HDMI uncompressed video support, capable of handling resolutions up to 8k30 RGB/YCbCr 4:4:4/4:2:2 12-bit. With HDCP 1.4 and HDCP 2.3 support, it ensures seamless compatibility with various devices.

Enhanced Audio Capabilities: The FlashCast doesn’t stop at visuals; it also supports audio insertion, allowing you to create a multimedia experience for your audience for further engagement.

Power and Connectivity: With PoE (Power over Ethernet) and Ethernet connectivity, the FlashCast eliminates the need for multiple power sources or complex wiring setups. Offering a top-tier, streamlined solution, the FlashCast ensures that your displays are powered and connected efficiently.

This video gets into the weeds on this and how it works …

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