New Las Vegas Event Facility Atomic Golf Has 250+ LG Screens And Endless Visual Bling

March 25, 2024 by Dave Haynes

LG has been known to have networking events during Vegas trade shows at Top Golf, but something tells me that if an LG social event is scheduled during InfoComm in June, it might be at the other end of the strip, at a just-opened driving range called Atomic Golf.

From a remote perspective, the new leisure facility looks like an experience design firm was asked to create a rival to Top Golf and came up with a vision after drinking about 20 cans of Red Bull. There is a LOT of visual bling going on here, even by Vegas standards.

From LG PR:

The Cosmic Lounge boasts captivating LG displays on ceilings and floors, while VIP luxury suites offer 110-inch and 136-inch high-definition screens for sports and entertainment. The property utilizes a variety of indoor and outdoor LG DVLED products with pixel pitches ranging from 10mm to the .7mm LG MAGNIT display.

Tee line cabanas include a 55-inch LG display for guest-controlled TV programming.

The venue opened up on Friday. It is just north of the Stratosphere resort, filling up a previously empty lot. That little area is a bit of a combat zone, and kind of out there from much of the Strip. But then Top Golf is also a bit away from the Strip, unless you walk and walk and walk and walk, and walk some more, through the MGM Grand and out back, past some pools and then across a parking lot. It’s a journey best done by ride share or taxi, as will be the case with this new place.

Here’s more from LG:

“From the moment guests arrive at Atomic Golf, they will be surrounded by vibrant LG digital displays showing live sports events, messaging, wayfinding, promotions, welcome messages for groups and real-time game information in every hitting bay,” says Brian Birckbichler, SVP of Golf Entertainment at Atomic Golf. “Working with LG allowed us to leverage their vast product catalog and robust digital signage capabilities to create a property-wide network that enhances engagement while providing simple system control and maintenance to ensure reliable daily operations.”

The project utilizes LG’s webOS operating system to manage the digital signage network, with SAVI Controls software delivering content to the LCD displays over a single MoIP cable. Atomic Golf has the flexibility to show broadcast programs, in-house content and marketing messages on any display at any time, including creating frames, tickers and more. The staff’s job is made as simple as possible, too, with the ability to turn the entire digital signage network on and off with a single button, eliminating the hassle and time involved in individually managing more than 250 displays.

“By using a single-supplier digital signage network, Atomic Golf empowers onsite experience managers to exert instant control over every display through a single platform that allows for individual display control, system-wide content changes and provides automatic alerts for any troubleshooting or maintenance needs,” says Mike Kosla, SVP, LG Business Solutions USA.

The signage and integration experts at Simply Connected determined that LG’s experience, product selection and advanced webOS operating system with native SAVI integration capability made the company the ideal digital display partner. The integration firm is responsible for installation and ongoing maintenance of the signage network’s more than 250 digital displays along with the property’s audio components, wiring, video distribution, control system, networking equipment, security and surveillance.

A separate firm, Jones Sign, was responsible for installing the property’s LG DVLED displays, which guests first encounter at the entrance, where they pass under a custom-sized LG outdoor DVLED display that stretches overhead.

Atomic Golf and Simply Connected collaborated to design the layout and construction of 103 hitting bays, each featuring a custom-designed ball dispenser with a 49-inch LG outdoor display that delivers high brightness and resilience in all types of weather. Powered by LG’s webOS and software from SAVI, the displays are highly customizable with advanced capabilities.

The indoor displays all use Peerless AV mounting gear.

It kinda looks, based on some videos, that some type of projection mapping is used at night on the range area.

Here’s a video posted on X. There are several, including one showing multiple majors winner John Daly, who is well-known to like a cocktail or three, doing an opening event appearance.

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